How to Monetize Your Content

– Generate an additional income stream from your content with no outlay –

…read on and find out how to explore this exciting new market

How does all this work?

Apps could benefit your business in a number of ways:

• Apps reach a worldwide audience through distribution via Apple’s iTunes store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

• Apps can generate an income stream from no outlay.

• Apps can be offered for free and funded by sponsors.

• Apps can encourage membership of charities and other organisations by inviting users to join.

For book publishers – your content repurposed for a whole new market:

We use your pre-existing printed content which we adapt to apps and launch on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore – an additional sale for a different platform, as well as reaching a whole new international market. We are very open in the way we work and even share access to the raw sales data so clients can see sales updated daily, as well as being able to analyse downloads by territory etc. It’s a fascinating market to be in, and growing every day.

The business model?

Here are two examples of how we could work together:

Example A.
Working as a partners – where we make no charge at all for development or production.
Revenue is then shared according to an agreed formula.
This option means that you have absolutely no financial risk or capital outlay whatsoever, and no reason not to explore this exciting market.
You also benefit financially from day one of sales in the App Stores.

Example B.
We charge for production and you benefit from 100% of revenue from day one. This is also the option to select if you are planning to allow free downloads from the App Stores.

Interested? – please do get in touch now to discuss how we can get your content to market as a successful App.
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